Let’s talk Money, building wealth, surviving this pandemic and harsh economy. We partnered with Riara University last year, and part of our agenda was to help you (YES YOU) build wealth. 
This year, our agenda is to have more meaningful interactions about money and helping you have a better relationship with money. We started with the webinar – “Your Relationship with Money” and brought you the BEST PANELISTS EVER! 
This was a conversation around money, where to invest your money, black tax, being authentic, family dynamics and money. It was a phenomenal conversation (and that is an understatement!). If you missed it, the recording is available below; 
Now for the BEST NEWS! We are proud to bring you the MONEY MATTERS program in collaboration with Riara University. An online, practical, 4-week journey at JUST $65 (TOTAL). We start NEXT WEEK but you have until the 21st of March to join us. If you have any questions call us – +254707194585

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