Let’s look back at all we accomplished in Q1 as we step into Q2. It was a long but fruitful and necessary quarter and we are all better for it. We accomplished a lot, impacted founders across the continent and rebuilt. Let’s go over our key wins from the quarter and our major highlights. 

1. We expanded to Libya to set up an AI Hub

2. Our CEO contributed to the UNDP Futures Report
Read the report

3. We launched the Money Matters program in collaboration with Riara University  You can still join us TODAY! Available WORLDWIDE, this SELF-PACED program is a MUST ATTEND. Level up your finances TODAY

4. We worked with 149 founders across the continent helping them raise funding, secure partnerships and access business support.   Access support for your business TODAY

5. We hosted our first Hybrid Webinar 

6. Secured 14 new partnerships to help us serve you better, here are a few.

7. Finally! We finalized the NEW Arielle Website
Take a tour of the NEW site 

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