Arielle for Africa Ltd. Is a social enterprise with a passion for young people and entrepreneurs in particular. We understand the challenges entrepreneurs face, and thus have chosen to provide business skills and be the link to sources of funding, legal compliance matters as well as business connections for entrepreneurs.


Our main aim of the company is to cultivate a global generation of job creators and disruption agents in the African economy.

The Build A Boss Scholarship will be an opportunity for the talented, smart and less privileged to have the same chance to attend the program as the other applicants. The truth is that many of the youth from the poorer communities never get the same opportunities or access to the same resources as the rest of the population. In our bid to create jobs for the youth, Arielle specifically has a heart and focus on the youth that have been side-lined, discriminated against and counted out because of their poverty. 


As Arielle for Africa we know that the only change that can happen in Africa will come from the African youth. The scholarship will help open a door for them to their future as a job creator, business leader and community builder. 

To be involved in the Arielle For Africa Build A Boss Scholarship, follow the link to know more about why your contribution matters, and the packages offered.

More information shall be provided.

Be on the lookout!



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