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© 2019 by Arielle. 


Arielle is a Social Enterprise with a passion for young people and entrepreneurs in particular.

The main aim of this social enterprise is to mentor, train and coach the youth from the poorer communities in Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, and South Africa so as to give them all the skills they need to not only start but maintain their businesses successfully.

We understand the challenges entrepreneurs face and have chosen to not only provide business skills but to also be the link to sources of funding and business connections and legal support for these entrepreneurs.

Aspiring that each entrepreneur who successfully maintains their business goes on to hire 5 people over the next 10 years, Arielle will create jobs not just organically but through a ripple effect.

The goal of this company is to create a total of 113,000 jobs in Africa over the next 10 years. This will be done in five main industries, namely; Agriculture, Food and Beverage, Retail, IT and the Arts. 


We have come up with a carefully crafted 6-month curriculum for entrepreneurs in the African market.

This was done in collaboration with Academic input from lecturers around the world as well as industry experts to ensure that it serves the African market. It incorporates the content desired by current entrepreneurs in Kenya who wish they had learnt before starting their own businesses.

We currently have a large number of educated young people in the country with degrees that have minimal relevance in the real world. You are taught to be an employee but never an entrepreneur.

The curriculum includes elements such as

- Getting ahead of your competitors in the digital era, how to create a disruptive business model.

- Innovating for the bottom of the pyramid.

- How to handle risk.

- How to do what your competitors do better and

- The entrepreneur of the 21st century. 

It further incorporates coaching, inter-personal skills and leadership development. We also decided to have essential elements such as accounting for your business, social media marketing, who to employ and when, incorporating technology into your business and operations.

This curriculum will involve theory classes taught by industry professionals and lecturers, coaching sessions offered, leadership training, team work, case cracks, practical case solving  from company problems, internships, job shadowing and writing a business plan that implements all the tools taught.

As an entrepreneur you get to be the very first to get this content! You get the offering and also get coached by our world class experts coming from all over the world, after which you also get the chance to showcase your business idea to our partners.

Further, Arielle will offer the opportunity to get seed funding for select businesses.

         So go ahead and apply now for next year's (June) intake!


Write an essay on a word document to describe your business venture and submit it using the email button below, without this your application will not be considered. Include information on the problem you are trying to solve, the solution you are providing, details on operations, the team profiles and financials. Make it as detailed as possible to move to our finalists.