his year we are proud to invite African Entrepreneurs to exhibit their SMEs and Startups in China for partnerships, funding and market access. The 5th CIIE (China International Import Expo) is here with over 2,900 companies showcasing their products and services. 
Dear Founder, time is ticking! Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. We are closing the applications for THE AFRICA STARTUP SUMMIT on FRIDAY.
We are elated to invite you to partner with us for The Africa Startup Summit. Happening on the 16th of June across the African continent.How do you partner with us?
Let's look back at all we accomplished in Q1 as we step into Q2. It was a long but fruitful and necessary quarter and we are all better for it. We accomplished a lot, impacted founders across the continent and rebuilt. Let’s go over our key wins from the quarter and our major highlights.
YOU ARE NOT READY 🔥We are proud to announce, “THE AFRICA STARTUP SUMMIT” hosted by Arielle for Africa in collaboration with Venture Cup China. 
We are absolutely elated to announce this premium service to help African and Diaspora founders BRIDGE THE GAP to resources, markets and support.This is a Joint Venture between Prepare 4VC, Incubator Nest Hub and Arielle for Africa. 
We are beyond proud of all the moves our CEO Edith Njage has made these last few months!
Let's talk Money, building wealth, surviving this pandemic and harsh economy. We partnered with Riara University last year, and part of our agenda was to help you (YES YOU) build wealth.