Arielle June 2020 Program

It starts here...

Students of the pilot program have referenced the Arielle experience as a program that challenged, inspired and allowed for opportunity creation. It is a program that allows them to come in an tap into their unbiased creativity. The condensed curriculum did nothing to alter the appraisal -if anything, what was observed from the program was a testament of what could come out of the full 6-month program.

As part of Arielle's commitment to opportunity and impact creation, the company is set to launch the June 2020 6-month program that will give young entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn and grow their entrepreneurial ventures. The 6-month Arielle program is aimed at harnessing the skills relevant in the market for the entrepreneur. The program comprises strategy, innovation, coaching and legal expertise to name but a few.

Growing entrepreneurship culture spreading across the continent

The lack of employment opportunities has seen the young turning towards entrepreneurial ventures. With majority facing a lack of access to funding, and the skills and tools to ensure the legacy of their businesses, various avenues that offer such services have sprouted. Arielle For Africa, is one such company, that seeks to support, connect and deliver to the entrepreneurs for the entrepreneurs.

Through job creation, Arielle aims to create a sustainable pipeline that will see the entrepreneurs becoming job creators for other people. If a every single entrepreneur employed five people, then Arielle's goal of creating 113,000 jobs by 2030 shall be realized.

The Arielle program seeks to create such a pipeline, and it starts with the June 2020 program. The application process began in January, and is set to run until the the end of March. To be eligible, click here to see what are the requirements. Bearing in mind that the program is not free, information shall be posted clearly showing the cost, and the financial options available.

For more information, be sure to check out the Arielle For Africa website.




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