Arielle Pilot Program

We came, we launched and we saw the fruits of our labor turn to success. The Arielle for Africa pilot program kicked off in September with 20 entrepreneurs going through a crash-course of the Arielle curriculum. The program ran for an entire week and the outcome surpassed our imaginations.

During this pilot program, entrepreneurs were put through a condensed version of the Arielle 6-month curriculum all in the aim of testing the feasibility of the content, and program. The process began with the submission of applications in the five sectors; Arts, IT, Agriculture, Retail, and Food & Beverage. The applications were then vetted to thus narrow the applicants to the final 20.

It is through this program that we as a company were able to garner further insight to the young entrepreneur segment of the African market, more so the Kenyan market. The program was designed to offer skills and tools that are not often found in a formal university setting, but rather knowledge that is entirely focused on the entrepreneur. A few of the courses offered ranged from marketing, strategy, leading in the digital era, to coaching and mentorship. All this is tailor-made to ensure that the student not only attains the knowledge, but also the self-developmental skills to lead their businesses to success.

"The one on one coaching was very resourceful to me. I was never challenged to think about my skills before, but this sessions did that for me and so much more." Jasan - Retail Industry Entrepreneur

The overall out program, though successful, also allowed us to note and understand the areas where moving forward we intend to improve. Following the execution of the pilot, Arielle ensures continued mentorship for the pilot students, thus ensuring the business adheres to the values that make up Arielle. More specifically, Arielle ensures there is continuity in terms of job creation through the pilot students. A full report of the pilot can be found here, detailing the impact, analysis, financials, and the next steps for Arielle.

We are currently preparing ourselves for the launch of the Arielle 6-month program this coming June, with applications currently open for entrepreneurs. Watch the pilot highlights below.




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