My answer? Yes.

The industries we chose can create a sustainable pipeline of jobs, revenues and impact.

Let me prove it.

Job Creation Pipeline

The core vision and goal of Arielle for Africa is job creation. Everything we do and all that we are revolves around this. The chosen industries were selected primarily because we know they will create jobs into the future. Agriculture: when you think of agriculture you probably don’t see it being the future of work let alone creating jobs, however with technology coupled with how Arielle is set to attack the industry and prepare our entrepreneurs, the industry will possibly create more jobs than expected in the coming five years. In 2006, 75% of the population in Kenya earned their living from farming. We plan to not just change how agriculture is done but sustainability in the new age. IT: No secret this industry is taking over the globe impacting how we do and see business. The IT sector in Kenya is worth $5.8 Billion as of 2017. This shows the potential the industry alone brings with continued innovation.

Passion Pipeline

Don’t do it if you don’t plan on sticking it out. Save your time. Do it only if you love it and enjoy what you do. The Arts and Food and Beverage in particular have shown evidence of igniting people’s hearts. The new generation of people emerging can be observed opting for a carer path fueled by passion and desire negating societal dictates and influences. People are now venturing into the creative artistic realm in both the art and food and beverage industry, redefining the standards and norms of these fields.

“Success does not lie in the choice of industry; but the power, endurance and passion of the entrepreneur. And that is the heart of sustainability." - Arielle For Africa, CEO

Profitability pipeline

This is easy to see. Numbers often times never lie. And when it comes down to business, the bottom line is what determines the future of the business moving forward.

  • Arts - The industry worth is estimated to be 216.9 Billion Shillings in Kenya and is set to hit USD 2.9 Billion (approximated).

  • Agriculture - Contributes to 26% of the country’s GDP.

  • Food and Beverage - The industry as a whole is roughly worth USD 14 M.

  • IT - Worth $5.8 Billion in Kenya as of 2017.

Impact pipeline

We aim to churn out businesses that are not just successful but businesses that have an impact to their society. All these industries can in one way, or another be used to create social impact and cater to the UN SDG goals. Through job creation, Arielle For Africa aims to create 113,000 jobs by the year 2030. A goal that we believe can be achieved through the Arielle For Africa program.

Moving forward, watch out for articles on how we plan to integrate Social Entrepreneurship into businesses in Kenya, more so these four industries in particular.

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