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In our last article we looked at sources of business ideas put into three broad categories. This week, we take it a notch higher and focus on ideas that come from qualities, interests, skills and things you are actually passionate about. We look at using these things as an initial resource to start a business and have your strengths rewarded. Chances are, you are bound to enjoy what you do should you start from this point.

Are You Passionate About Helping People?

There are people who will not hesitate to help others when they can. Others will go an extra mile to ensure someone gets all the help they need. If you are this type of a person, your heart will be at the core of a business that involves helping others. Here are some ideas.

Start a Non-Profit Business

If you are seeking a to have a rewarding business that solves a problem and makes money while at it, a Non-Profit business model might be just what you need. Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) are often started with a mission to fulfill a charitable cause. A common misconception that arises is that they do not make profit. They do make profit, the difference from other business models is how theirs is used. NPOs dedicate their profits to their mission. Let's say you have the heart for humanity but a non-profit model does not appeal to you. Here are some more ideas you can explore.

Start Children Day Care Services

Today's world has become increasingly busy and the need for quality child care keeps rising. This is quite a flexible business that you can choose to do part time or full time, from your own house or from rented commercial space. It all depends on what you aim to achieve. You have an added advantage if you are good with kids. This is a competitive field and how you conduct you business is what will ensure you stay in business. Do your research and find out what lacks from the day care services in your community; is it flexibility in terms of time for the parents/guardians? Is it affordability? Is it the quality of the child's experience that needs an upgrade? Whatever you find, bring that competitive edge and see your business thrive.

Start Care Giving Services for The Elderly

A friend told me of how her grandmother was unconscious for almost an hour when she fell when cleaning the house. Luckily, someone visited and found her laying on the floor. She was rushed to hospital and survived. They never let her stay without a care giver again. This is the plight of many elderly people. With or without a medical condition, they need help. You do not need any special skills to start this, all you need is the heart to do it. You may not be in the medical field but you sure can help a senior citizen get the medical consultant best suited for them and even book appointments for them.

Start Pet Care Services

Pets are a part of us and we may not always have the time to accord them the care they need. Starting a business that cares for them could be lucrative. Dog walking, booking and taking them to vet appointments, pet grooming, pet day care and pet boarding services are some of the services you may offer.

Become a Life Coach

Do you derive joy from helping other people succeed? Do you have an experience that you went through and came out victoriously and now you can be the hope of someone in the same situation? Do you have the charisma to inspire and influence others? Well, life coaching is a business that could be for you.

Do You Enjoy Teaching?

I remember students from high schools who could explain a concept better than the teacher. There are people who are naturally gifted in making things palatable for the human mind. If you are one of them then this could be a path to explore.

Teach a Skill Set You Have

Are you a cook, massage therapist, make up artist, hair stylist, photographer... whatever your skillset may be, someone is willing to learn it. Plus, in addition to making an income from offering these skills, teaching them could be another avenue to earn from it.

Teach a Language

If you can read, write and speak a certain language, the world is a global village, and people are eager to learn other languages by the day. Do your research and design modules that you can offer online or even in physical classes.

Teach Something You are Naturally Gifted In

Being gifted at something is incredible. Unfortunately, often times life does not always offer us the opportunity to exploit it. Instead of letting that gift lay idle, teach it and earn from it. I know of a guy in his third year in university who teaches math over the holidays to high school students because he is really good at it and he can teach. There are good swimmers, choreographers, writers and people out there who wish to learn. Teach that gift and earn from it.

Are You Super Organised and Attentive To Detail?

Start an Event Planning Gig

You are the kind who will go to great lengths to make sure every single detail is perfect and in its place, event organizing is perfect for you. This is actually an easy business to start because you do not need to take up a wedding for starters, you can simply start by planning your neighbours child's birthday party and grow from there.

Start a Personal Assistant Business

We all need an organized life, but we are not all naturally organised. If we can use your organisation skills, we will pay you for it. Achieving the kind of efficiency organized people do is incredible and can help one achieve more in life than they do. Build a business plan and advertise your skills, get that first client and do an incredible job then watch yourself grow from there.

Start a Personal Finance Business

You obviously need to have some form of credible financial training, but if you are organised, you can help others plan manage their personal finances. A skill many lack yet they need. It requires that you constantly educate yourself as much as you can and be trustworthy.

Do You Have An Interest In Hospitality?

Start a Cooking Business

You have probably been complemented about how well you cook, and those people would buy from you if you made it for sale. Well, go ahead and do it. There are so many aspects to approach the food industry, from offering services from home to catering to events. There are many ways to start. Research as much as you can and approach it from an angle you deem fit. Again, it is one of those businesses that are easy to start. If all you have is the skill and passion to cook, someone else has a kitchen and the ingredients, go find them and offer them the skill.

Start a Mobile Bar

A mobile bar offers everything a bar offers but at your convenience. It may be at a party or any event. Have you ever been to events where the food caterer offered great food but a very limited variety of drinks? You can turn that around by starting a mobile bar and you will always be on demand if you do a good job.

Become an Air BnB Experience Host

You do not need accommodation space to do this, you just need great knowledge of what your city, town or village has to offer to guests. Plan an itinerary with activities a guest would actually enjoy when visiting, guide them through it and get earn for it.

Use Your Professional Knowledge To Offer Home and Bespoke Services

Your professional expertise is not an asset reserved just for your employer. It is an asset for you too. Use it in the hours after work and on weekends to build a business for you. I know of a physiotherapist who uses his time between 6pm to 9pm to offer home services as a way of earning extra income. There are accountants working for big consultancy firms that offer financial services to small businesses that would otherwise be unable to afford them at the big firms.

Whetever profession you are in,if you can offer the service by yourself,you can start a business from it.You definitely want to observe what your professional code of conducts requires before you start. Whatever it is that you chose to pursue, always remember that the most affordable and effective way of advertising is through happy clients.

It is also important to note that while one enjoys doing something and making money off it, it is easy to not pay attention to the business sense of it. This is why we will be looking at the importance of a busines plan and how to go about it. It does not matter the scale of your busuiness and whether you have the funding you need or not, a business plan is a must have for success.

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