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Updated: Mar 13

4 is so much better than 5

The Arielle For Africa Program has chosen to shift from 5 main industries to 4. The move came following the end of the pilot program. It was a decision that was equally supported by extensive research and insight garnered from the pilot program. Prior to the start of the pilot program, Arielle featured 5 industries namely; agriculture, information technology, the arts, food and beverage, and retail.

Following the Arielle pilot program, it was conclusively indicative of the need for 4 industries rather than 5. The current Arielle featured industries are; agriculture, information technology, food and beverage, and the arts.

The decision was fueled by the high growth potential in the growing African economic environment.

From extensive research, including information obtained from the pilot program, the 4 industries showed to have the highest future growth potential across the African continent. Include the projected growth across emerging markets, the 4 industries are projected to experience incremental economic growth on a global level.

High youth unemployment rates across the continent has seen an increase in startups in these 4 sectors amongst the youth. This on its own identifies these industries as lucrative markets for young entrepreneurs with ample opportunity. Through the pilot program it was noted that majority of the participants operate within some aspect of retail in their business model; be it through the distribution of their end product or service despite their major identifiable industries.

The Arielle For Africa curriculum has been designed to accommodate young entrepreneurs in these 4 industries. The modules ensure that each student gains the skills, tools and knowledge that would benefit them in their own business industry. We are currently set to launch the 6-month program in June, and applications are open for entrepreneurs. Further, Arielle has created a scholarship fund known as 'Build A Boss' , that aims to give every young entrepreneur an opportunity to be a part of the program despite their economic disadvantages. To support the fund, email us at To apply for the scholarship, click here.





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