Before handing out money to try and solve the problems caused by poverty, why not empower the people so that they become their own solution.
At Arielle for Africa we know that the only change that can happen in Africa will come from the African youth. There is a reason why close to 70% of the Kenyan GDP comes from SMEs, because Africans are entrepreneurial by nature. But yet, they fail by their 5th birthday. This is due to lack of skills, knowledge, coaching, mentorship, connections and funding options. When you support an entrepreneur to go through the program you are helping Arielle provide most of the answers to their challenges if not all.
Arielle for Africa LTD. aims to take the entrepreneurs through a six-month curriculum, which is a carefully designed in collaboration with lecturers around the world as well as industry experts to ensure that it serves the needs of the African market.
In order to make the contribution to the scholarship process easy for our partners, we have prepared three sponsorship packages, each offering different value both to our partners and our entrepreneurs. Based on the terms outlined in each package, the partner can select how many entrepreneurs they wish to sponsor for the six-month program.
Be a part of the Arielle journey and Build A Boss.



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